Lead Checklist

Lead Corner Worker Check-List

Each day, we will assign a Lead Corner Worker. This person will be coordinating the corner workers and report to the Course Control if there are any problems or questions. Corner workers should check-in with the designated Lead each day.

If you are going to be late, or have any last minute problems, call this person on his or her cell to let them know. Cell phone numbers are in the roster. You should print this out before coming to the track.

Lead Corner Worker Check List

  • Check in workers as they arrive. If you have time, have the corner workers assist the mechanic with school bike preparation until you have your briefing.
  • Make corner assignments. Make sure corner workers know the proper placement of vehicles (out of the impact zone) for each corner.
  • Make sure all corner workers have signed the Release of Liability form for the school. They have to do this once each year. Put “ALL DATES 2016” for the date and “ALL VENUES” for the track name to make it good for the year.
  • Tech Check the corner worker bikes (see below).
  • Review the Corner Working FAQ’s with the corner workers (Flags/Track Entry-Exit/Radios/Terminology/Rotation/etc)
  • Make sure all corners have the needed flags and radios. Course Control will provide these to you before starting.

Bike Tech Check Items

Note: Your bike will not be allowed on the track if it is not track ready!

  • Mirrors and glass taped or removed.
  • Tire condition and pressure.
  • Brakes (wear and operation).
  • Chain tension and condition.
  • No loose parts or fluid leaks.