California Superbike School

The Official
Southern California Corner Workers
Information Site

Welcome to the official information site for the Southern California Corner Workers serving the California Superbike School at Las Vegas and Willow Springs venues.

The Southern California Corner Workers is a volunteer group that provides excellent corner working services for the California Superbike School during their schools in the Southern California and Nevada areas. We are focused on safety, providing the eyes and ears for Course Control on the track. As corner workers we observe the track activities and report back to Course Control any problems that might lead to safety issues for the students of the school. A perfect day for us includes no student mishaps and a great learning environment on the track for students.

Our tools are radios and flags. We use these to communicate to the students and staff during the on-track portions of the school. Red and Yellow flags are used to warn riders of hazards on the track. Blue flags are used to give feedback to the students of technical errors observed by the corner working staff.

We do not get paid for corner working. Instead, we are allowed to ride on the track along with the students, about 1/3 of the day. This gives us about 2-3 hours of riding time to practice and hone our skills.
While former experience as a student of the school is helpful, it is not required. What we do require is focus and attention while we are corner working and reliability to report on our scheduled school dates on time and prepared to work.

We are responsible to bring our own bikes in good working condition, and all of the equipment needed to comfortably staff our corners. (See our ‘What to bring’ checklist).